A to Z Challenge- Questions- D and One Liner Wednesday

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

How you can make every DAY a good day?

Go to sleep thinking that tomorrow will a good day

Ignite hope and delight in your heart to see tomorrow with hope

Greet the day with a smile and get out of your bed with joy

No matter what happens in the day, at least you have the power

To start your day in a positive and enthusiastic manner

If we go looking for happiness in heaps, it quite likely

That we will at least find a few sparks of it scattered in our day


This post is also in response to Linda’s one Liner Wednesday





62 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- Questions- D and One Liner Wednesday

  1. “ The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough. “ – Rabindra Nath Tagore

    This always gives me the impetus to live each moment as it comes. 🌟💖

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  2. I think a positive mindset is absolutely key to keeping on track with life.
    I work with and on affirmations all the time, and I think my favourite is ‘Put down what you were carrying from yesterday, and start fresh’. Living in the moment means being as light and present as possible, so I think positivity comes from knowing where you’ve got stuff, (where you ‘put it down’), and being at peace with that.
    Kai’s featured posts, including her A-Z

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  3. Hi Sadje,

    Last month, I limited the number of the blogs I’m following to upto 5.

    Why I did that?
    Because it’s easy to read and reply them regularly.
    Earlier, I was following 30 blogs.
    Only 5-6 blogs were being regularly updated with good content.

    Unfortunately, I unfollowed your blog at that time.
    The basic idea was not to do ‘follow-unfollow practice’, as I’m more interested in reading people’s thoughts (knowing individual people).

    While unfollowing for the sack of not become a victim of ‘numerous & unorganised blog posts’ of Wp Reader, I was confident enough on the publisher’s ability.
    That’s if you’re writing topics and style are interesting then there’s hardly any chance I’ll avoid your reading your blogs.

    I need to do that because my mind don’t want to read things(blogs) many times, especially, during imbalance mood.

    Another thing, I learnt, is to not leave a blogger once you’re connected.

    I felt I should share this whole event to you. Thank you. :⁠-⁠)

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    1. Thanks for sharing Lokesh. I only unfollow a blog if;
      They are posting inappropriate content
      If they are posting 10-15 post a day
      Or are not posting at all.


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