What are your three colors?

β€œThe soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” ~ Marcus Aurelius


If asked what are my three favorite colors

I’d say White for it represents purity, cleanliness

A good color to wear, a great choice for the living space

Green is what I love to see more around me in the environment

Without the life giving green, we would be living in a desert

The third choice would be all the shades of blue, purple and aqua

For I love how it soothes my mind, and makes me look slimmer

What three colors would you say were your colors?


This weekend is our monthly Colour Challenge, and for April, partner GC and I selected Tricolour

In response to; Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Tricolour, hosted by Sue W and GC



38 thoughts on “What are your three colors?

  1. Lovely question, and I love your answer too. Like you, I love purple, I would put blue in a separate category. I’m actually having problems picking a third colour … im guessing I can’t pick leopard/tiger print … so I’ll go for red. 😁

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    1. Thanks Destiny. I love wearing black for its slimming effect but not a fan of it as a color around me. According to season my choice also changes. Thanks for sharing

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