Reblog;First in this week; Enjoy Mich’s take on WDYS # 180! A Book’s Tale — michnavs

A Book’s Tale ioncehadadreamofmeinagreatreadofbookswhoruntheworldwitheachflipthestorywillbetold.onewholivesinaplacewhererainisastormcanhavebrightsunasonetakesonareadofahotairbreeze.onewhowishedtobeaqueencouldbeoneinaday,justfliponandreadtaleofaqueensoreal.asformeitookonthepagewheretherewasoncethetaleofagreatpoetwholivedandchangedtheworldwitheachwordpenned.i’vesavedliveswithmypenasthesword,usedtofightbadactsofsomemanintown. 1. The Tail by Michael “Mouse” Murdoch – a poem of single syllable lines. Words of more than one syllable can be broken (but only if the broken syllable is a real word). Loose rhyme is expected. The theme should be a “tall tale” or at least a tale! BONUS: Have […]

A Book’s Tale — michnavs

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