A to Z Challenge- Questions – B

My posts in A to Z challenge this April will be on questions!

Why do BUTTERFLIES undergo metamorphosis?

Starting from an egg

Emerging into a caterpillar

Several time transforming

Finally before the turning into an adult

It weaves a cocoon of silk to sleep in

And emerges as a transformed butterfly

With beauty to awe all beholders

Butterfly, a symbol of change and endurance

Teaches us that each stage of life is beautiful





52 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- Questions – B

  1. Lovely. Monarchs have 5 generations from the start of spring to end of fall – with the last adult butterflies returning to Mexico or other warm places. I’ve seen photos of trees so covered with Monarchs that you can’t see the tree!

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          1. “Monarchs migrate up to an incredible 3,000 miles east of the Rocky Mountains to reach central Mexico, whereas the shorter trek west of the Rockies takes them to the coast of California, where they breed.”…
            So I guess some also go to California.

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