Donna @ Retirement Reflections

Nobody is perfect

We all need to change

To become better version

Of what we are born with

We need to recognize this wisdom

To fight this the height of folly

To achieve the best we can offer

Change always in the right direction


What’s life, if not a constant state of change

Both physically and mentally we keep on evolving

Going from one stage to the next is inevitable

Choosing to change for the better, our best option


Nature, like life

Shows us a changing face

Seasons and climates forever

Switching gears, evertransforming

No two days are exactly alike

No boredom, nothing passé here

Something new something fresh

Each and ever day here!


A beautiful shaded rose

Written in response to; #WQ #13: Embrace the Change, hosted by Marsha



39 thoughts on “WQ #13: March 29: CHANGE/WRITER’S CHOICE

  1. Beautiful, Sadje. I love your flowers and Nature Like Life – always shifting gears, ever transforming, nothing passé. Would life be dull if nature – or we were always the same? I’m not crazy about some of the changes in my body as it ages, but staying a child for 70-80 years would be tragic!

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  2. Yes something new everyday. We had to take a few trees down last autumn. There is a space now, where once the existing tree is in full leaf will get morning sun and be mostly shaded. So I’m working on prepping a flower garden there. I’ll have to see how much sun it acutally gets and maybe next year put some veg in… 🙂

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