Road to nowhere

Photo credit Sarah Whiley


One step after another

On the dirt road to nowhere

Is there a destiny ahead?

A place along that I want to visit?

Or am I just an aimless wanderer?

Just traveling, one step in front of another!


I imagine a goal in my fuddled mind

I work towards it slowly and gradually

There are many a setbacks that I face

Yet I keep on traveling towards my destiny

No journey taken with intent is aimless

I am traveling on a road towards my goal

One step after another


In response to; MLMM Photo Challenge # 459, hosted by Weejars




70 thoughts on “Road to nowhere

  1. Every journey begins with a single step…and sometimes our trip includes a few stops to dance the cha-cha. Do we just keep our eye on the horizon and continue on when the dance is done? 💞

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  3. It is the journey that is the adventure. Once we get to where we are going… while and end – that can be a beginning too. Goals can be good. There used to be a road here called the Road to Nowhere. We always knew it didn’t go through and had to turn before it ended… then it was finally finished and well the first few times we ended up getting lost because it went through to where it was supposed to go. I hope that made sense. 😀

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