Think, think, think….

The image is from the WordPress Free Photo Library provided by Pexels.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a female student sitting at her desk in the back of a classroom with a pensive expression on her face.


Sitting at the back of the class

Staring blankly and thinking

Of school work to be completed

What a behemoth task is waiting for her

She only had a vague idea of it’s significance

No lofty sentiments resided in her mind

She just wanted to get it done by hook or crook

Her dedication to work was superficial

Not tainted by the chroma of an academician


In response to FFFC # 212, hosted by Fandango

chroma | behemoth | loft | vague | sentiment

Also included; Greg’s five weekly word





49 thoughts on “Think, think, think….

  1. lol – I am sure I felt that way. I did their homework and exams, memorizing all sorts of information I have never needed to use since I left school. I was so glad to escape school – and feeling like a farm animal. Then the real learning and the real living came.

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