Is this what hell looks like?

From Reena it’s a theme prompt this week.

Being in charge of hell….


It was her first day at her job

She felt that this was unbearable

Discipline was just a dream

Floating in the subconsciousness

Her voice was a mere croak

As she had talked non-stop since morning

When thirty kids were all complaining

Fighting and bickering among themselves

Their yelling was deafening, ear-piercing

She never imagined being a kindergarten teacher

Was like being in charge of a mini hell

Hell couldn’t be worse than this classroom

Maybe it will get better with time?


Written in response to; RXC- Prompt #274, hosted by Reena



55 thoughts on “Is this what hell looks like?

  1. Whoever wrote this should remember that children will behave like angels when engaged in interesting acctivities. If the teacher is not gifted, it will be hell for those poor children.


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