Hope isโ€ฆ.. Everything ๐Ÿ’ซ

Kerfeโ€™s prompt guidelines;

  • Emily Dickinson famously wrote a poem that begins with the line: โ€˜Hope is the thing with feathersโ€™;
  • Begin your own poem with the words โ€˜Hope isโ€ฆโ€™ and see where it takes you.

Re-Sharing a poem from December 23, 2021 with a few edits.

Hope is the brightness of universe

That cloaks our naked soul in its protectiveness

Without the shimmering robe of hope,

Our souls stands stripped, exposed

The world looks barren and desolate

Not a flower or tree in sight

Like a fairy, a wisp of light vapor

Condenses into a tangible form of hope

It anchors our heart and soul to life

Gives us a reason to wake up on the morrow

Lifts us up from the doldrums of sorrow

Dresses us in rainbows of dreams imagined

Clothes us, protects us and nurtures us

Without its shimmering robe we are defenseless


Written in response to W3, Prompted by Kerfe, hosted by David



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