dVerse poetic- All in praise of weeds

This week Sarah is our host. She asks us;

You know what to do! Write a poem inspired by weeds. It can be joyful or irritated, you can admire their strength or complain about their cussedness.


The weed grows like a weed, uncontrolled

We would find it growing wildly in our garden

I had no inkling that this weed was the ‘weed

But my gardener knew all about it’s properties

He would gladly harvest its leaves and make

A concoction from them that’ll make him high

For centuries this innocent looking plant has been

The source of giving the poor people in our country

The recourse to a little intoxication that wasn’t banned

For this high that “Bhang” gave them was often used

In festivals where people would go into a trance

After ingesting the leaves, cooked or ground in a paste

And dance with abandon to the loud beat of the dhool!


*Bhang is the local name for cannabis in our part of the world. In both India and Pakistan, people use its leaves to make a paste that would induce a high. Probably the term ‘ Bhangra’ has been coined because of the dancing of people when high with Bhang!

Just to give you a taste of Bhangra music;

Written in response to dVerse- Weeds, hosted by Sarah



59 thoughts on “dVerse poetic- All in praise of weeds

  1. Well written Sadje! Being a lover of punjabi and hindi songs, listening to this song after a long time provided with quite a great feeling! Thanks for sharing.. 🥰💖

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  2. Your
    dVerse poetic- All in praise of weeds
    intoduced your views
    properly to the readers.
    So it is a success
    It shows that
    you are not only a good story teller,
    but a successful poet too. Although as I know poem writing is not a easy task.
    It is very tedious and serious creative work.
    But you have done it safely. Congratulation.

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  3. *WEEDS?*

    Though unwanted, yet beneficial

    Though unnecessary, yet deserving a crown

    Thorn and pain they are to the lord of the land

    Yet it comes as a gift at hand

    Yes they cause you to work more as you till

    But in supply of herbs, they’re not left out.

    Pardon my lateness in replying 🤩

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  4. This reminds me of what my dad shared when he was young. My grandfather, my dad’s dad, had cannabis in his land. He didn’t grow it, it was just there. Some of their neighbors would use it for medicinal purposes but my grandfather never used it as he was more annoyed of the weed and just happy his neighbors would take them. This was all before it was illegal.

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  5. “The world is a noisy place. It can be hard to find peace and quiet, let alone a moment to simply be grateful for all that we have. But what if we made an effort to focus on the positive? What if we took a year to simply praise the good in our lives?”

    Year Of Praise…


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