Gravatar – Its importance and purpose?

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Dr. Tanya is back after her short hiatus and this week she has asked us;


How important is your Gravatar to your blogging personna?

Your Gravatar(globally recognised avatar), that little image that accompanies your posts, likes, comments etc is like your calling card. It announces you to the virtual world


Before reading today’s question, I thought that an Avatar is the same as a Gravatar!

Though I don’t have an official Gavatar for my blog, my display picture can be considered my Avatar/Gravatar.

I don’t think that whatever image accompanies my name on WordPress is as important as the words I write. I did put my real picture in my blog a couple of years ago ( I think) but even before that when it was a Memoji ( a customized emoji that looked a bit like me), it didn’t make much of a difference to how people interacted with me on my blog.

There are many bloggers that I interact with on a daily basis who haven’t put a picture of themselves on their blogs. I know them through their writing and thoughts. And that is enough for me! We all are here to express ourselves through our words and it doesn’t matters to most of us what the other person looks like.

Besides, it’s a bit risky these days to give out too much information about oneself in the digital world. So even if someone doesn’t display their real picture, I think it’s fine. As long as they project their true identity through their words and thoughts.

What are your views about displaying your avatar/Gravatar on your blog?

Written for Blogging Insights 3.0 # 5, hosted by Tanya



34 thoughts on “Gravatar – Its importance and purpose?

  1. I have taken picture off. I didn’t mind having them. But my brother warned me it can be misused. But we are all everywhere and if a hacker wants to get us he is going to anyhow. 🤷‍♀️

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  2. I’m happy to put my picture up, but haven’t changed it over time and probably should. I kind of like putting a face to a name, but completely understand if people aren’t comfortable doing so and it doesn’t make me love their blog any less.

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  3. I fully agree with you, Sadje! I don’t have a ‘gravatar’ either, only my profile picture. I don’t blog so people can look at me, but so they will listen to what I have to say. I think of a gravatar as rather a logo, and I don’t need one … I’m not a brand, but a writer.

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  4. I don’t really think much on it except that I don’t want to be sending a flower emoji to a fellow guy, lol, because there’s no indicator of gender. Apart from the emoji thing, I don’t mind. My responses and comments are always neutral so I don’t mind not seeing people’s faces.

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