Comforting Tranquility

How would you define comfort?

For me, comfort is when I am at peace within myself. Comfort may be physical comfort or mental comfort. But peace is an integral element of it.

Under what circumstances do you seek and/or give comfort?

When I am upset because of something that happened, something that someone said, or a remark that I made that was taken the wrong way, I get a feeling of letting people down. At times like that I need to discuss my point of view with someone close to me who understands me and can give good advice.

The sound of my father’s voice always brought me comfort. Is there a voice that beings you comfort?

Being able to share my thoughts with my late father always was comforting. Now that he is no more, I turn to my husband and close friends to share my feelings. But most of all, I turn to Allah ( God) and share the reason for my disquiet. Never have I been disappointed when I asked God for help and guidance.

Do you have a favorite comfort food?

Usually a cup of hot coffee would do the trick.

What person, animal, place, or thing makes you feel comforted?

I grew up in a time when there were no huggable stuffies, no comforting blankies, or any special toy that held comfort for me. So it was the comforting presence of my father that gave me solace.


Written in response to Tranquil Thursday # 8- Comfort, hosted by Maggie



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