The vivid colors of the spring

WQ #12: March 22: SPRING/VIVID

Photo from my garden ; Ernest Hemingway

The gloomy and gray winter finally left

Little green shoots made their presence felt

The profusion of spring flowers came as a gift

To cheer up our souls and to revive our spirit

Photo from my garden ; Luther Burbank

This year, both I and my husband took some initiative and went flower shopping in our nearest garden center. He brought roses in a variety of shades and colors while I got a couple of citrus trees and some creepers. The trees promise to bear fruit in a year or so and the creepers are growing nicely. The need is to maintain a balance between too much care and neglect. 🀩

Spring is that time of the year

That invites us to venture out

See the greenery sparkling in the sun

And flowers blooming in the garden

Come out, step out in the outdoors

Enjoy this exhibit from nature before it fades away!


Green leaves making their presence felt
The April lily has decided to bloom in March
Nasturtium? No these are Daisies

In response to WQ# 12- Spring/ Vivid, hosted by Marsha



65 thoughts on “The vivid colors of the spring

  1. Your nasturtium/daisies are such a gorgeous color, Sadje. You find the best quotes. I especially love the one about not waiting for flowers. I’m not a big fan of cut flowers in my house anyway – allergies, but there is nothing more lovely outside. I’d love to see how all your planting comes out. Roses and citrus are two of my favorite things!

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  2. Thank you for the beautiful flowers from your garden, Wow what bursts of color.
    Yes, spring has washed away the grey skies! Yippie!!
    However, I should mention that it was just snowing outside here… Spring is coming soon here too, but the thought of it has not quite sprung to mother nature’s mind…LOL!!

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