Drained my green tea cup



I had just drained my cup of green tea after my dinner.

Since my stomach surgery, the amount of food that I can eat or the fluid I can drink at one time is severely limited. So having a cup of green tea entails that I sip it slowly, as it cools down over a span of at least half an hour.

Medically and according to our religious teachings, eating slowly is a good thing. It gives a chance to our stomach to send the signal to the brain that it’s full. This process takes around 20 minutes so if we eat fast, we often eat beyond the point that we are full but since the signal arrives with a delay, we often eat more than we should. By getting this surgery and creating this self-imposed restriction on myself, I’ve limited my intake by almost 1/8 of what I’d normally eat. The result is quite satisfying. In the last almost 4 1/2 months I’ve lost 18 kilograms of fat, that’s about 39 pounds.

Now I do empty my plate but it’s usually a very small plate and I do it slowly. I’m achieving my objectives, albeit slowly.


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is «the last thing you emptied.» Think of the last thing you emptied or something you empty often and use it as your prompt any way you like. Have fun!

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68 thoughts on “Drained my green tea cup

    1. Thanks a lot Mary. I’m not stressed out about the goal because I’ll eventually get there as I can eat very little! I’m working on trying to create good eating habits.

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  1. Health and diets – one should always consult their own doctors. I know many eat way too much.
    I remember that the size of ones protien should be the size of a deck of cards or a round CD, and that protien is less than the veg and fruit as well as limiting starches. Water is always a good bev. choice. Eating slow – yes I’ve heard that one should always put their utencils down between bites to help slow intake.

    Good for you for getting and staying healthy!! (((Hugs)))

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      1. The new thing now is “My Plate” – five food groups; dairy, protien, and fruit is about the same portion size. Grains and protien are just a bit larger. But amounts vairy to age and activity. Fruit and Veg = half the plate. Half of grains should be whole grains. Vary protien and milk products low fat. But what you eat is relative to what is good for you and what your own Doctors recommend.

        I’ve a neighbor who takes a lot of suppliments because she chooses to not eat meat and very little eggs. And after 50 some protiens aren’t less easy to digest. So more fish etc. We do what we can. Do what you can and continued success!

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              1. I’ve cut out Soda, except for special occations. And I am trying to eat more fruit! I’ve maitaned the same weight for a few years. At one point I was about 15 Lbs over what I wanted. So now I’m attempting to be careful. Resturants always give you too much food for one portion. I do sometimes take half home. Sometimes though depending on the place, my hubby and I can compfortable share a meal.

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