While waiting!

Imagine a big waiting room full of people

All are waiting for their transport to pick them up

Their train or plane arrives and they board and leave

The rest are still their in the waiting room awaiting their turn

Life is this big waiting room where we all come for a limited time

We all will leave when it’s our turn and new people would arrive

While waiting, we can do a lot of good to help those around us

Some kindness shown, words of encouragement spoken

All add up to make things better for others and for us too

Let’s not waste this opportunity to be kind while we are waiting

To do good before we leave for our eternal abode


In response to Weekly Prompts- Wait, hosted by Sue W and GC



67 thoughts on “While waiting!

  1. Disregarding the message (which is a great message!), it reminds me of a dream I once had – I was in a large waiting room and began to realize that when people departed on their assigned transport, well, they departed (died). And then I was called to get on that transport… I jerked awake at that point.

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  2. I am always trying to recycle. One of the retirement craft rooms uses old costume jewelry for crafts.
    I’ve been meaning to get a bag of goodies to them. Some being from another mixed bag of goodies from a yard or thrift shop. I just found out though another way to possibly recycle my clear newspaperbags. A gal recomended I call a nursery school… as they might use them when they are changing the ‘nappies’ of the little ones – helping to keep the odor at bay! I also give my old news papers to the local thrift store so they have something to wrap glass or other delicate items in.

    The best thing to gift is a positive attitude and your smile. Especially when you have to wait for service of any kind 🙂

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