Tension at the party

When I entered the sitting room there was a sudden tension in the air and I could feel the temperature of the room dropped several degrees as all eyes turned towards me, their expression hard to decipher.

As I greeted everyone present there I received a nudge from my father-in-law who was discreetly pointing towards my elderly mother -in-law sitting by the window, giving me a grim look.

I was genuinely puzzled as I didn’t remember doing anything to offend anyone here, in fact, I had flown directly from my business trip to my in-laws’ home where the family had gathered to celebrate my wife’s mom’s 75th birthday.

I received another nudge from my esteemed father-in-law and saw that he was pointing toward my colorful Hawaiian shirt and was making a disapproving face.

As I looked at my shirt and then at my mother-in-law’s dress, the penny dropped for me; both of them were exactly the same pattern and color, oops I had stolen the limelight from the birthday girl!

My wife walked towards me, grabbed my arm, and dragged me out of the room, “ you must change your shirt immediately, look how upset mom is” she commanded and like a dog dismissed for bad behavior, I headed towards my allotted bedroom to do the needful!


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Tension, hosted by Denise



63 thoughts on “Tension at the party

  1. I was at a wedding last September of the daughter of a close friend. I was wearing a bright green and blue flowered dress. I immediately spotted a woman in the same dress. We found each other and laughed. She said “The dress is reversible.” I ran into the bathroom and flipped my dress into black with white polka dots!

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