Bridges- A symbol of change

WQ #11: March 15: A BRIDGE/TO BRIDGE 

WEDNESDAY QUOTES Logo by Donna @ Retirement Reflections

Logical thinking is the best way

While make important decisions

Don’t let apprehensions cloud your judgment

Don’t imagine events that rise anxiety

Cross the bridge when you arrive at it

Don’t let ‘what if’ scenarios spoil your day!

We are often afraid of making blunders

Mistakes that cause us loss or embarrassment

But without going wrong, how can we learn

The right way to do something the first time


In response to WQ # 11, hosted by Marsha



43 thoughts on “Bridges- A symbol of change

  1. I’m so glad mistakes have value, Sadje. I make tons of them. Some of them even teach me something! LOL These are the words I need to remember, “Cross the bridge when you arrive at it
    Don’t let ‘what if’ scenarios spoil your day!” Teachers plan, plan, plan, and live by the “what if scenarios!” Sometimes we forget how to be spontaneous and enjoy the moment!

    I also love your first quote. That writer has so many quotes in Brainy Quotes. I use something of his almost every day. He is so profound. Have you read any of his books?

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    1. Thanks Marsha. We do get caught up in the imagination and sometimes that things we imagine never happens.
      No I haven’t read any of his books but he seems to have a quote to suit every occasion.


  2. Some folks with depression have a difficult time getting to the bridge much less to cross it.
    When one door closes another opens… it may not be in the direction you planned, but moving forward takes courage especially when you tend to blame others for your own mistakes.

    Logic isn’t available to everyone when they think they can’t cross the bridge it is mostly because they won’t put one foot in front of the other.

    May we all think with clarity and progress with dignity.

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