Grandma’s stories

Things were different back in the day when I was young”, this was the invariable beginning to grandma’s stories.

The kids would sit open-mouthed and eyes wide open in fascination at how things used to be when grandma was young.

Once mom also heard a bit of the story in passing and later had it out with grandma. “ Mom, the stories you tell to the children make them think you must be centuries old! The things you describe to them would be true in YOUR grandparent’s time but not in your childhood! Why?”

Grandma smiled, “ If I tell them that I was a computer engineer in my youth and that I invented a few of the gadgets they play with, imagine how disappointed they would be. The stories I tell them to make them think that I’ve lived in a different world than theirs. That’s why they listen so attentively!”

And grandma carried on with her stories till all the kids grew up!


Written for FSS # 88, hosted by Jim this week



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