Good neighbors

We all appreciate good neighbors 

The ones who respect our privacy 

Who are quiet and neat and tidy 

They are there to lend a hand when needed

They will even loan a cup of sugar at times

They won’t peek into our backyard or windows 

They won’t spread rumors about us in the neighborhood 

They would be the ideal people to live next door to

But are we the ideal neighbors ourselves?

A reshare from June 2020, in response to Weekly Prompts- Neighbor, hosted by Sue W and GC



47 thoughts on “Good neighbors

      1. I do. Mary (although she never liked being called aunty Mary) always helped Mum out. Apart from sugar, there were cigarettes too (different times) It was only ever a small amount, but she always gave half a bag of sugar. We hardly speak to our neighbours now, it’s a shame.

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