Art therapy

The image for this week is a mixture of colours, possibly paint with shades of yellow, green, blue, grey and white on a black background. The image is cropped so that the drop appears as a semi-circle on the right of the image.


The spring equinox has always been a time of renewal for all life, and I especially enjoy the moderate temperatures and the colorful array of flowers that delight my sight whenever I go out.

I set up my easel and placing a blank canvas, proceed to mix colors, all the while my mind is busy in introspection on the meaning of life.

The swirling blues and greens help me meditate, awakening reflections that calm my agitated mind and peace replaces where there was chaos before.

My therapist is happy with my efforts and praises me for sticking to my art therapy.


introspection | reflection | equinox | awakening | renewal

Written for Greg 4 line fiction

Also included Greg’s five weekly words





41 thoughts on “Art therapy

  1. Hello Sadje! I couldn’t agree more with you on the beauty of the spring equinox. It’s a time of renewal not only for nature but for our souls as well. I love how you immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and use it as a source of inspiration for your art therapy.

    Being in nature has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and it’s great to see you taking advantage of that. Your introspection while painting is admirable. It’s crucial to take some time to reflect on life and its meaning, especially in this fast-paced world we live in.

    The colors you choose to mix and apply on your canvas represent a reflection of your emotions, and it’s fascinating to see how it calms your agitated mind. I believe that the colors of the flowers and the natural beauty around us have an impact on our moods and emotions.

    I’m happy to see that you’re taking care of your mental health through art therapy. It’s an excellent way to express oneself and renew our perspectives on life. Keep on painting, reflecting, and enjoying the beauty of nature during this equinox and beyond. 👍👏👌😊

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          1. It’s going super duper. Thank you! I’ve taken on a lot of new responsibilities at work, which is awesome, and also keeps me too busy, at least for now, to post during the week. How have you been, my friend?

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            1. That’s great to know. I’m sure you’re make very positive impact on your work environment. I’m good too, Alhamdolillah with the new baby at home, life is quite busy here too. But I do make time for blogging. It’s my sanity saver 😅🤣😂

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