One Liner- Growth

“Watching something ( someone) grow is good for morale, it helps us believe in life”

Myron S Kaufman

Our new granddaughter is eight days old today. It’s such a joy to watch the little one as she is picking up new things day by day. Alhamdolillah

Today 15th March is being celebrated as the first international day against Islamophobia. Let’s promote tolerance and unity, acceptance and equality among all people, all nations of the world.

In response to Linda’s One Liner Wednesday




27 thoughts on “One Liner- Growth

    1. Thanks Punam. Yes we should become as people we have no dispute with each other. It’s only the governments and politicians that are spreading discord.


  1. Thank you Sadje for your message. How sad that there has to be a day for that. I wish we could be an inclusive society and respect and honor everyone for who they are and what they believe. It’s our differences that make us interesting and allow us to connect on so many levels. So many are blinded by hate and intolerance.

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  2. First of all, Congratulations on your new grandbaby!!! Second … I concur with Christine that it is sad we need a day to remind people that Muslims are good people, too, just like Catholics, Jews, atheists, and all the rest. But that said, I am glad it is being noticed and that efforts are being made to teach people about the customs and beliefs of Muslims. My next-door neighbors and best friends came here 8 years ago as refugees from Iraq and we have shared our cultures, many meals, many laughs, and our languages. I love them as much as if they were family … they ARE family! There is so much we can learn from other cultures … if only we can set aside the differences, set aside the ‘fear of other’.

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  3. Tollerance and new Babies are blessings!!!

    Best to you with your newest family member. Can you believe our ‘twins’ are over a year old now!!
    Would it be so that they could one day meet and celebrate unity and peace!! 💕

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