Smooth like silk

It was a special occasion, and she had decided to treat herself, indulging in a shopping spree, and a relaxing afternoon at the spa.

The hair treatment, though expensive left her hair feeling silky smooth and falling like a waterfall.

As she arrived home her sister remarked how good she looked, adding that why did she bothered so much about her hair as she always kept them covered, and no one except her sister and mom saw her without her headscarf.

She smiled at the typical question that her sister had thrown at her, “I do it for myself, I don’t need a man to admire my beauty because I don’t seek approval from anyone else.

In the evening she cut the cake, celebrating her thirtieth birthday, and felt peace within herself for all that she was and all that she had achieved. Five years ago her divorce had left her shaken and stranded but she had rebuilt her life with hard work and determination and now she was in a space where she could see success ahead.


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Silk, hosted by Denise



76 thoughts on “Smooth like silk

  1. It’s inspiring to see someone who has gone through difficult times and come out stronger and more determined. This woman’s story reminds me that self-care and self-love are important, regardless of whether or not others see or appreciate it.

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  2. Hello Sajde, your story resonates with me on a personal level. It reminded me of the times I have taken a day to indulge myself, treating myself to something special like a spa day. It’s funny how some people don’t understand why we go through the trouble of doing things for ourselves, but it’s not for them to understand. It’s for us, to feel good about ourselves and to boost our own confidence.

    I love how your protagonist responded to her sister’s question with such self-assurance. It’s so important to recognize that we don’t need anyone else’s approval to feel good about ourselves. We should do things that make us happy and confident, regardless of what others think.

    Finally, I want to congratulate your protagonist on her achievements. It’s not easy to rebuild your life after a divorce, but she did it with hard work and determination. It’s inspiring to see how she has come out on the other side and is able to celebrate her thirtieth birthday with peace and confidence.

    Thank you for sharing this story, it reminded me to celebrate myself and to be proud of my accomplishments. 👍👏👌😊

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    1. I’m so glad that this resonated with you my friend. If we stop worrying about others and start looking after ourselves, we can have a happier life and a better relationship with ourselves.

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  3. Oh, this is a very heartwarming story Sadje..and i didn’t expect the ending. Reading the opening made me think that it was about accepting yourself as you are, but i was wrong and that means this is so good.

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    1. I fully agree with you Lauren. It’s been a long time that I’ve come to this conclusion that what I do regarding self care is just for me. If others comment positively that’s nice and if they they don’t notice it fine. I make myself happy.


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