Rare and precious- Green

We are given the choice of rare and precious/ green this week. I love the thousands of green shades scattered in the nature. Though it’s not rare but it’s precious indeed. My post is dedicated to;

GREEN 💚🍀🌲🌴

Can you imagine living in a world

That’s devoid of life giving green color

Things would be drab, grey and brown

Nothing to refresh our sight with enticing


My grandpa used to say

Rise early morning and

Walk on the green grass

Wet with over night dew

Look at the green trees

Inhale the fresh oxygen

And be blessed with a day

That’s full of nature’s goodness

Now I know that there was

A lot of wisdom in what he said!

Though many people refute this fact

We humans are hurting the planet we live on

They should notice the changes happening

Unprecedented weather we are experiencing

It’s cold when it used to be hot

It’s hot when it used to be cold

Floods and rains wrecking havoc

Low air quality, pollution and smog

Wake up fellow dwellers of this planet

And save this blue and green planet

Before we lose the opportunity to

Hand a thriving home to our future generations!


In response to; WQ #10: March 8: RARE/PRECIOUS/UNUSUAL/GREEN, hosted by Marsha



75 thoughts on “Rare and precious- Green

  1. Sadje, I love your grandpa’s advice. We all need to do our part in preserving the green. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to do it. I have an electric hybrid to be green, but electric batteries are very damaging to the environment and we are hurtling at a breakneck speed in that direction. Driving fewer cars would help. More bicycles and fewer cars on the road might help. Your beautiful poetry makes us think. 🙂 Thanks for taking WQ in this precious direction, my friend.

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    1. Thanks Marsha. You’re so right that we do need to do a lot to stop this destruction of our environment. Bicycles would not only protect the environment but will also make us healthier.


  2. Sad and yet it seems no one is really noticing that we as humans are speeding the destruction and extinction of our dear blue 💙and green 💚home….. 💚💚💚💚🌳🌲🌳🌲🌹🌷

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  3. Green is my personal fav among many others of course. It’s the colour that fills our natural world and one that I love to bits.

    I spend summer mornings walking bare feet on the green grass and absorbing all the wonderful free ions, that are so grounding too. 🙂

    I like the thought – Green should be a verb. 🙂

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  4. While humans need to do more to protect the earth – natural cycles exist. There was an ice age and there will be another. Some of the weather could be due to the axis shift of the planet. Not everything can be blamed on humans – though humans could do more to help.

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      1. I know there are many organizations that are working to clean up the ocean and water ways.
        I just read about a company called Terracycle.
        I’d have to do more research to see if they have a location near me.

        One company makes beads out of the plastic trash and then sells the bracelets to help fund their recycling.

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          1. ‘We’ used to ship quite a bit over there (but they stopped accepting it…good for them… but they have to figure out what to do with what they have). Now most of our trash (locally anyway) is turned into fuel. But it is sad that the oceans are so polluted. Thankfully some companies are working to clean it up. Now if we can just stop folks from littering in the first place!

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