Remembering My Late Father On His Birthday

Today is my late Father’s birthday. If he were alive he would have turned 93!

I’m sure that most people have the highest regard and respect for their parents. My respect for my late father is even more so because he took up the responsibility of raising us three siblings when our mom passed away and was always there for us. He was a two-in-one parent, a mother, and a father in one.

He had a delightful sense of humor, I don’t remember being scolded by him for all the misadventures I had, and he would smile or laugh out loud at some of my bloopers. I got my love of reading and poetry from him. He loved to quote us verses from famous Urdu poets like Ghalib and Iqbal.

He always showed us how to be, by example. Kind and humble, polite, and ever-caring for everyone around him. He had complete faith in his religious beliefs and Almighty Allah. He was the reason that I too developed such a strong faith.

To remember him I want to share this quote;

I have always looked up to my dad. I wanted to be as kind, caring, and just as he was. I was very lucky to have a father like him.



90 thoughts on “Remembering My Late Father On His Birthday

  1. A beautiful; heartfelt & touching tribute to your late father Sadje! 🤗👌👏❤️ He sounds like a decent; kind & incredible guy. Not many folk could have raised 3 kids on their own!

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