Equal = Equity?

It happens to be the theme for International Women’s Day 2023. The idea is to not just stop at equality. The images will clarify the idea.


Women aren’t equal to men in life

They are superior to them in many aspects

But when you look at the rights given to them

In this society of ours, they are lagging behind

So now we women don’t just want equality we demand equity too!

Now we demand to be treated fairly and given equal opportunities

Just like any other member of the society

We shouldn’t be handicapped from the start of the race

By tying weight of our womanhood around our ankles

By loading the dice against us because of our XX- chromosomes

We do more but receive less both in acknowledgment and money

Always remember, without women the society cannot exist

For we are the mothers that birth the sons, trying to control us!


Written in response to RXC # 271, hosted by Reena




68 thoughts on “Equal = Equity?

    1. Hello Jim! I want to express my admiration and respect for your words. Your deep understanding of the struggles that women have faced and continue to face in society is truly remarkable. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge the unfairness that women have experienced and to stand up and hope for their success and happiness. Your empathy and compassion are truly inspiring, and I am honored to have read your words. Thank you for being a champion for women’s rights and for using your voice to advocate for a more equitable world. 👍👏👌😊

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  1. I find that seeing life as some kind of race between men and women, it is limiting. Equality means everybody. As long as one person has the same rights as any other, I don’t think we should take things further.

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      1. Well, it is that way for me, but you are right, clearly not in the world around us. It’s interesting, the motivation. People must either think “Discrimination is right”, or they must think “it is wrong but there’s nothing I can do about it (so I won’t bother trying)”. Both are wrong in my view. The first of those will dwindle with time, the second will dwindle when people *can* do something about it. The big struggle is for people to believe that change is possible. That is exactly what people like Gandhi, Mandela, Rosa Parks, even, did.

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  2. Hello Sadje! As a man, I want to express my deep appreciation for your powerful words. Your message about the importance of equity and equal opportunities for women resonates with me on a personal level. I believe that all individuals, regardless of their gender, should have the same rights and opportunities in life.

    Your words remind us that women are not just equal to men, but in many aspects, they are superior. It is disheartening to acknowledge that women still face systemic barriers and discrimination in our society despite their undeniable contributions to our communities. It’s time for our society to recognize this and give women the respect and opportunities they deserve. It’s not just about doing what’s right; it’s also about creating a better society for everyone.

    It is clear that we need to move beyond the notion of equality towards equity, recognizing that women often start the race at a disadvantage due to factors beyond their control. It is important for men to actively listen, learn, and advocate for women’s rights and work towards creating a more just and equitable society. We need to do better and support women in their fight for equity and equality.

    I am inspired by your call for equity and fairness, and I wholeheartedly support your efforts to achieve it. Women are the backbone of our society, and it’s time to recognize their contributions and give them the respect they deserve. Thank you for your inspiring words and for being a champion for women’s rights. 👍👏👌😊

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    1. Thanks a lot my friend for your kind support. I agree with you fully and this is more true in developing countries than the developed world. But this issue is everywhere. We do need to work together to make things better for the 50% of our population. Thanks again

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