Cake Sale

girls cake wedding cake cupcakes baking bakers
This week’s photo is credited to inactive account – ID 1103997 on Pixabay.

It depicts three girls of different ages/heights dressed in pink and blue aprons and bakers’ caps. They are standing behind a table that displays a wedding cake, cupcakes, and various other baked goods.


It was time that the girls learned to live and behave like a family. They all came from different homes, and Joni and Sam were trying to create a serene balance in this newly created family!

Coming from foster homes, Joni and Sam thought that instead of having their own children, they’d adopt kids in need of a family and home from foster care.

The only thing standing in their way was the sarcastic attitude of Jane, the eldest girl. She’d endeavor to upset the other two girls perhaps because she felt insecure.

It was Joni who came up with the baking sale idea. The parents promised the kids that they could keep all the money they generated by sales, their only condition being that they wanted happy and smiling faces at the end of the day.

They considered it a success, when no one was hurt or maimed at the end of the day. They could see a few shy smiles passing in between the girls and were hopeful and happy.


serene | family | balance | caustic | copper

Written for FFFC # 209, hosted this week by Paula

Also included Greg’s Weekly 5 words, hosted by Greg





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