Just for a moment!

Life is busy, each moment is spoken for even before the day is born

It’s a dream to lounge around not having to do anything, rush anywhere

I need to steal a few minutes to simply relax and to just be still

Tiredness sometimes sneaks up on me catching me unawares

I close my eyes for a moment to give myself a bit of down time

And the next thing I know, I’m walking up from a power nap- not a bad way to recharge!


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Lounge, hosted by Denise



93 thoughts on “Just for a moment!

  1. You remind me of my Ener-Chi instructor. Any time you need a refresh – she says; “You can come back to your deep breathing for 10, 7, even just three pairs of in and out deep breathing. Fill your lungs slowly, expand them fully, then slowly (twice as slowly) exhale until you are empty. A good way to find a few minutes of calm…. which reminds me since this isn’t a gym day – I should do my online Chi or Yoga about now 😀

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