Doing chores- Together?

Di is our gracious host for Share Your World

Here are this week’s questions:

1• Does your spouse/partner (or do you) help with the household chores?

My husband chips in when we don’t have domestic help. Which we are lucky to have most days. There are things that only I do while there are other chores that only my husband does. So I’d say it’s a balanced environment in our household.

2• What is your least favourite chore?

I like organizing things, and washing is my forte. I used to love ironing but my issues with my feet/ knees made it difficult for me to stand for a long time so I’ve given that up. My least favorite chore is dusting.

3• As a kid, did you have to do chores to earn your pocket money/allowance?

Our pocket money was free of any conditionalities, but we all did our part in helping around the house.

4. Did you save any of your pocket money or spend it all?

If I wanted to buy anything special, I’d save my pocket money for it. My father provided us with all that we needed and if we wanted anything special, we would have to save up for it.


We were blessed with a new granddaughter today. What an awesome gift from the Almighty. Alhamdolillah.

I may be absent from WP or appearing here sporadically. So excuse me please as I have a few things to take care of.


Thanks Di for hosting SYW



59 thoughts on “Doing chores- Together?

    1. Thanks Greg. Both are doing well and her big sister has already declared herself ready to be the big sister! No spoiling yet as they both are still in the hospital. 🌺🌷🌹

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  1. 1. My mister helps with everything except cooking (but he does man the grill). He shops and I put the groceries away. He does the laundry; I fold and put the clothes away. He even vacuums while I dust (my favorite chore)! He’s a hands-on hubby and Grampy, willingly changing diapers and wiping noses.
    2. Without a doubt my least favorite chore is cleaning the bathrooms.
    3. As a kid we didn’t have any household chores other than putting our clothes away. In retrospect I wish we did; I knew very little about maintaining a home when I got married. I had to learn fast!
    4. What little allowance we got was spent before it could burn a hole in my pocket!
    My kids were raised very differently and were doing their own laundry before their teen years. They all chipped in to clean up after dinner. It’s very rewarding to see my grandchildren, even my 3-year-old, have designated chores. There’s not a single thing wrong with teaching kids to be helpful, clean, self-reliant, respectful and accountable. And there’s no getting away with undone chores!
    Great post, Sadje! Thanks for letting me share my views here. ❣️

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  2. Love the teamwork Sadje!
    Oh wow, Congratulations my friend. Sooo exciting. Enjoy every minute and take your time.. this is so lovely.. a new baby on INWD! Blessings to your new grandbaby and your daughter! 💞

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