Color that serenades

Blues are somehow erroneously believed to be the songs of sadness

Red represents passion or anger the music is charged with emotions

Pink and yellow are the psychedelic colors of vibrant feelings

Purple the haze of serenity and calmness, a music that soothes

Immerse in the serenade of tranquility and give yourself up

To those dulcet moments of inner peace, let the stress seep away


In response to Weekly Prompts- Violet/ Purple, hosted by Sue W and GC



59 thoughts on “Color that serenades

  1. Violet/purple the shades gifted to royalty because it was hard to produce in fabrics. However we are lucky that nature gifts this beautiful color to the masses. My mini iris (up now) and (though not up yet) Hyacinth and many wild flowers make us all feel special when we see them.

    A lovely peaceful relaxing color. πŸ™‚

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