Waiting for my friend

Mehrab Sium via Unsplash

The image for March 2nd, 2023 is a wooden table and chair set in a field of tall grass against a blue sky. On the table, there is a closed book and a cup and saucer with cookies.


Sitting on my wooden chair, I wait for my friend to come and join me.

Every day we meet in this open field, among the nature and refreshing air.

We talk about life, about our dreams, our past, and our future- everything a friend can talk about to another friend whose mind is attuned to your own.

People often ask me why I sit here all by myself, alone and engrossed in soliloquy, and I can only tell them that it’s sad that they can’t see my friend, a friend who never fails to show up!


In response to Greg’s 4 Line Fiction- 2309




59 thoughts on “Waiting for my friend

  1. We probably all had a special friend when we were young children. A wonderful playmate no one could see but always listened and never made us sad. Then somehow that friend took its place in the faded memory box. And new friends appeared …. then disappeared.
    I am glad I am able to take my friend out of the closet of memories and smile and share.

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  2. What a beautiful tale Sadje. It is important to befriend ourselves and feel comfortable in our own company. Once again you are the first, first ever for Five Word Weekly and now first to respond to Four Line Fiction. Thank you. 😁

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