Our kitty- Feral, not wild

About 2 years ago we adopted a kitten. He was around 10 weeks old. This was the very first time that we had a proper pet.

He was a rescue and was already named Dinky! We gradually learned how to look after a kitten and he learned how to live indoors with a family.

About 8 months later my daughter got a job in another city and she and my grandson moved there. The house they got there had no space for a cat. I was moving with them and there would be no one to look after Dinky. So we very reluctantly let him go outside and be our outdoorsy cat.

Despite our worries, he did amazingly well. He became independent, and social and perhaps found a mate for himself too. Every night he comes home for his dinner and if my daughter or grandson are visiting, he would come to them for a scratch and a cuddle.

Our not so wild cat is still quite tame. He can fight with other cats for his territory but with us, he is still our loving kitty.


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wild animal.”Choose a wild animal (or many wild animals) and use it any way you’d like in your post. Enjoy!

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56 thoughts on “Our kitty- Feral, not wild

  1. I love feral kitties. They are so great, and different in personality then pre-domesticated? not sure what to call them. Don’t get me wrong, I love all cats, but feral ones are great. My cat right now, walked into my parent’s house because he was hungry when he was little, we looked for the other kittens or mother and they must not have realized they left him behind so we vaccinated him and made sure he was okay at the vet and now he lives here.

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  2. We adopted a feral kitty from a shelter. He was a great pet and lived with us for 17 years until he died. Sherman was indoor outdoors and kept the neighborhood clean of vermin. A neighbor told me she’d find him sleeping on her guest bed or lounging in the sun in her living room!

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  3. That looks just like a kitten we “trapped” one year. My daughter had seen it so many times in our yard and really wanted it so we used one of those safety traps and had her live inside with us. She was never completely friendly except that when she was older if she relaxed she would roll over and loved her belly rubbed!

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  4. Awwww … your Dinky looks just like our Pandi (short for Pandora, as in Pandora’s Box), who is also feral and also a rescue kitty. She was about 6 weeks old when someone placed her and her brother (now Ollie, short for Oliver) in the dumpster at the corner of our street. We took them both in. Ollie is as gentle and loving as any cat could ever be, and Pandi is … well, it took a long time to earn her trust, and still she is very touchy, but she loves us … just in her own way.

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