When she bleeds, she bleeds in technicolor

Physically weak

Mentally strong

Women the epitome

Of inherent strength

Shoulders the burden

Carries the entire weight

Of the family she helps raise

There are so many faces of her

Each in its own way perfect

My mother, my sister, my daughter

In every role she excels

Even when she bleeds

She bleeds in Technicolor


Written in response to; RXC PROMPT #270, hosted by Reena




83 thoughts on “When she bleeds, she bleeds in technicolor

  1. “Bleeding in technicolor” is such a poignant expression. Reminds me of the story where the mother’s heart says ‘Hope you are not hurt’ to the son who has killed her to get the heart.

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  2. Bleeds in technicolor. Beautiful. I wrote a story that won a Writer’s Digest children’s fiction contest. It began with a sentence my son told me when he was five and a friend hurt his feelings. “I have a friend who doesn’t act like a friend. We used to be best friends. I think his feelings are only in black and white. I have feelings in many colors — more than you can find in a crayon box.”

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  3. I was thinking about this topic in today’s morning.
    I found that it would have been impossible or very challenging to study till here, at the top most university without my mummi’s support.
    She unites our family of four members.

    Similarly, Women in various fields and their achievements inspire me.

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