Positivity is the key

Lying on his bed, eyes closed but mind racing Adam was thinking thoughts that were making him sad, dissatisfied with his life, and depressed.

According to his papa, his life was just starting and he should be full of pep, vigor, and zest for life, but he felt defeated and betrayed.

His plans to go to an Ivy League university were dashed as he didn’t make the merit list and his second option was not what he really wanted.

His father had tried to explain to him that if he put in the hard work in whichever university he joined, he would do well, and starting in an A-listed institution wasn’t always a guarantee to be a success in life.

His phone pinged and he saw it was a message from his best friend, a quote from Paulo Coelho;when you’re enthusiastic about what you do, you feel positive energy”, reading this somehow changed Adam’s mood completely and he started feeling a little flame of anticipation and hope kindle in his heart.

He went out of his room to talk to his dad; “dad, I’ve decided to go to the university after all and I believe that you’re right, it’s not the institution that matters more but my own effort, thanks for always being there for me”!


In response to Six Sentence Story- Zest, hosted by Denise



72 thoughts on “Positivity is the key

  1. If Adam was accepted by the Ivy League university, he would have a lot more student debt, so this may be a good thing for him. It is better to be the big fish in a small pond than the small fish in a big pound.

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  2. This reminds me of my children… well one story in particular. There was a toy my parents wanted to get them – I said ‘no’ – when they were on their own they could get that ‘time waster’ it wasn’t going to be allowed in my home. Years later the one child actually thanked us for not having it! Because it made them ‘get out’ and do other (good) things! Yes being positive is a good thing indeed. Seeing the good you do matters, and helps you to repeat good for yourself and others.

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