For friends who became family

The Challenge

So for today’s poetics challenge, which is very simple, I would like you to pick an opening line from a blogger friend’s poem (with due permission/acknowledgement) and use it in your poem on friendship. Please use the line as it is anywhere in your verse. The form/style/length is up to you.


Being the only girl among my siblings, I’ve always missed

Someone who would understand my predicaments, my woes

In my tender hearted female friends I found what I’d been missing

Our friendship deepened so that now I consider them as family

When I write they read, give their honest opinion to encourage

In their comments I find both the courage and desire to continue

I tell them with gratitude in my heart that,

When I read your words and there is surge of awe

Of how well you read my deeper thoughts hidden in my writing

Of how preceptive you are about things I don’t even express

They say that men and women are from different planets

I wouldn’t go that far but I do say that only a woman can understand

What other woman is feeling and thinking completely

I thank all my female friends who are like sisters to me


I count not only my real life friends as my family but also these remarkable women that I’ve met in blogosphere among them as well!

I borrowed the opening line from the poem of our host Punam for this poem with her permission.

Written in response to dVerse- friendship hosted by Punam this week.



48 thoughts on “For friends who became family

  1. This is so wonderful Sadje!
    Here is my little poem using your words.. love it!
    “I thank all my female friends who are like sisters to me”
    Friends are the family we make for ourselves and cheers to all of the soul sisters in our lives, thank you for being one of them. And to the far too few men that get and hold a woman’s heart, thank God for you!

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    1. Thanks Punam. Yes indeed we are bound together with love, empathy and understanding. It’s was my pleasure and honor. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


  2. For several years now, I have thought of my blogging friends as a family. Most I will never meet ‘in person’, but still, in some ways they know me better than people I’ve worked with for decades. It is what I love most about the blogosphere!

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