Half Moonlight

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Today, let’s write a haibun that references Mezza Luna, or half-moon, however you perceive it.


Moon in all its dynamic phases and forms holds an attraction for us humans. If the moon is shining in the night sky, our eyes are pulled towards this again and again.

Human fascination with the moon is not unjustified for it is after all the cause that the earth is able to sustain life, it’s the reason that we have our atmosphere still intact around our planet. We have devised many names for this satellite, our constant companion in most languages and cultures.

Winking slowly in

A conspiratorial light

Half moon, teasingly

Secrets are shared

Things we both know but keep mum

You or I won’t say


Written in response to dVerse- Mezza Luna, hosted by Frank



56 thoughts on “Half Moonlight

  1. I know that feeling. Sometimes it’s good to keep silent, to be protective, but generally it makes me sad. I think it’s important to speak out when you see something is going wrong.

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  2. Like the sun at night – when the moon is new – and we cannot see it – it is still there.
    I enjoy watching some pod casts about astronomy and the cycles of the moon and earth. 😀

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