Breaking news!

Selma’s prompt guidelines

The prompt

  • Write a ‘prose poem’ in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow (imagine it will come out tomorrow).


  • Format your ‘prose poem like breaking news;
  • Give it a bold attractive title; 
  • A beginning/middle/end;
  • Make it a Good News account of something that will benefit us all. Use strong, positive VERBS;
  • Add enough detail to make it believable/relieve us of some stress;
  • Not short, but not too long;
  • Have fun. Happy Writing!


Free healthcare for all deserving people

Dear readers, we have some amazing news for you today, the sort of news that will delight your hearts and brighten your day.

The government has declared that from today no one has to pay for essential medical services, the caring people of the federal government have forgone all their privileges and remunerations and created a special fund that will receive donations from the ultra-rich elite of our beloved country and will provide not only medical services but life-saving drugs free of charge to EVERYONE!

So rejoice people of this wonderful nation, for finally the humanitarian spirit has woken up and the pain of the ordinary man has been redressed by those in charge.


I don’t know if this is just prose or prose poem but it people read or heard this piece of extraordinary news, they sure would be extremely happy!

Written in response to; W3, prompted this week by Selma, hosted by David



69 thoughts on “Breaking news!

    1. That’s good news indeed. I went to a hospital run by a trust foundation, and they gave me 10% off of all tests as ism above 60. That’s how it should be. Humane treatment for everyone

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  1. Hi. Dearest Sadje, How I wish I could hug that reporter. This breaking news has indeed delighted my heart and brightened my day. Knowing that those in charge have big woke hearts “the humanitarian spirit has woken up” and that no one will GO WITHOUT has me hopeful for the state of our planet. Now that that distress will be out of the way, people’s livelihood will return, I know. And with that, everyone will be happy participants to care for our planet. I see this happening in my mind’s eye. So thank that reporter for me. I love this news. Blessings. I wish you miracles.

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