What she wrote?

appointment book organizer
This week’s photo is credited to kaboompics on Pixabay.

It depicts an open appointment book/ organizer on a table. Pink flowers in a vase and a glass candy jar are also visible.


She journaled every day. There was little news that brought her any joy. War, death, famine, and the pestilence brought on by the unhygienic conditions people were forced to live in were what she was forced to record every day.

She dreamed of the day when she would write of the human conquest, its victory over all these hardships but day after day the only news was of these sorrowful events.

If she could, she would quit her job as the recorder of events but she didn’t have that luxury. She was bound to this duty as her ancestors were.

The only solution she saw was that by some miracle, these people would take control of their lives, make drastic changes to their lifestyles and finally overcome the obstacles in their way.

Maybe one day she will write about that glorious day too!

In response to FFFC # 208, hosted this week by Paula

Also included Greg’s five weekly words

conquest | war | pestilence | death | famine





31 thoughts on “What she wrote?

  1. Wonderful take on the prompt, Sadje. Many times, I also wish the same, especially when I look at the night starry sky 🙂
    Speaking of night starry sky, look at the west after Mughrib prayer these days to catch a glimpse of Jupiter and Venus close approach to each other. It is really amazing 🙂

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