At the stroke of midnight

Weekend Writing Prompt #300: This weekend your challenge is to write a poem or a piece of prose in exactly 94 words using the word “Midnight”.


Midnight madness calls to the restless spirits

When the rest of the world is in deep slumber

These souls wander around the dark shadows

Looking for ways to ease their unsettled loneliness

The hoot of the owl echoes deep in the darkness

Howl of a dog, conversing with the moon, both lonely

A cat, having chased and devoured its dinner, sitting contentedly

Scurrying in the bushes indicates small animals afoot

But he sat there silently, statue like as if turned to stone

His loss has clogged all his feelings, he can only feel sorrow


Word count; 94

Written in response to Weekend Writing Prompt # 300 – Midnight, hosted by Sammi



45 thoughts on “At the stroke of midnight

  1. Sorrow can be devistating. Some folks give up after they feel they have nothing left to loose.
    One can only hope that with the sun warmth can flow again and happiness can be restored.

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