Sunday Poser # 121

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser. I’m changing the time for my Sunday Poser from 8:00 pm PST( Pakistan standard time) to 6:00 pm. It will give me more time to respond to the comments and responses.

This week my question is;

How important is self development for you?

I feel that no matter what our age is, trying to learn new things, honing our talents and skills, and improving our lives should always be our priority.

There’s a saying;

That you don’t grow old with years, but you grow old when you stop learning”

Personally, I spend most of my time reading and writing on my blog. But this also gives me a chance to learn new things. Reading increases my knowledge and learning to write new and different forms of poetry has enriched my life. I have a plan in mind to spend more time on learning to draw as well.

Are you trying to learn new things, skills or languages? Do you think it matters if we acquire new skills?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



49 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 121

  1. It’s definitely important to me. I’ve recently begun to paint and am trying to improve my skills there. I am always interested in improving my writing. I attend a philosophy meetup to learn more in that area. There’s also room for improvement in my temperament and dealings with others…

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  2. I’ve always believed in the need to be a life long learner. It was part of my classroom mission statement. I don’t need to learn new skills per say. But I do need to keep growing in my own self development. Reading and internalizing new information keeps me mentally growing. Creative challenges also expand my knowledge base. Reading blogs from people with differing experiences also adds to my understanding. I appreciate all the opportunities available to me.

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  3. Definitely always trying to learn something. I read two books per week and dabble with paints, sewing, and writing is therapeutic. And then there’s YouTube-I learn a lot about nutrition and various other subjects to help improve my life and become aware of deception.

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  4. Tremendously important! Growing up in dysfunction was the biggest catalyst for me to be different than the environment I was in. This applies to besting my behaviors to acquiring new skills. I feel like I should always be improving while I can.

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