Pausing for recuperation

Maggie is our host for Tranquil Thursday

Her questions today are:

How often do you pause to rest or simply take in your surroundings?

I have a set schedule for my day that includes resting and sitting quietly with my blog. It helps me relax and at the same time catch up with my pending comments.

Is this pause a scheduled part of your day?

It is very much a part of my day but it’s not scheduled as not set for a fixed time. It happens when I’m done with my morning routine of walk, breakfast etc.

Do you think taking time for ourselves is a matter of self-worth?

Yes I do feel that as we grow older, we need to take out time for ourselves not as a way of increasing our self worth but as a part of our self care. A tired, frustrated or overwhelmed person is no good to themselves or others in the family.

What type of activity feeds your soul?

Walking, reading Quran, listening to music and having meaningful conversations with my family are all activities that give me peace. I engage in each of these activities as and when my mood demands it. Reading Quran is one essential morning ritual and so is walking.

And lastly, what have you done for yourself today?

Today I spent time with my family, had breakfast with them and then I went out to buy a nice plant for my front yard.



32 thoughts on “Pausing for recuperation

  1. We need to have time with others and time with ourselves. Which reminds me that I didn’t do my online yoga or tai-chi class yet. So after a busy day of other activities including going to the dentist… I’m going to do my class right now!! Thank you!

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      1. Since I joined the gym… two classes in person – that’s the cardio classes. For me the other days I do either the 30 min or 45 min online class… I haven’t missed a day …yet. But I almost did eek!

        It was a busy day. We rain errands, had lunch out, bowled then the dentist… then dinner before hubby was off to a meeting. So now I think I’m done for the evening 🙂

        (It is about 8pm here (March 2). Have a great rest of your day!)

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