Meeting Aliens πŸ‘½

For Friday Faithfuls this week, I would love to get your take on aliens.


Aliens are

Not at all hard to find

You meet them often on social media

Their thinking and speech unfamiliar to you

Their ideas out of this world, sometimes hilarious even

Common sense or seeds of knowledge nowhere to be found

They are in love with their twisted ideas and fictional theories

So no need to visit the so-called alien concentrated area

Just take a look at Twitter, Facebook and its likes

And these places are teeming with aliens that you’d find

Are nothing like the normal people you meet in your daily life


According to my grandson, Aliens will only invade USA ( according to Hollywood) so peoples outside America need not worry!

Written in response to Friday faithfuls- Aliens, hosted by Jim




54 thoughts on “Meeting Aliens πŸ‘½

  1. And this is why I left Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
    I’m not denying their importance. They are have their positive sides as well but once we down the rabbit hole, it just gets so messy.
    Which is not a fit for someone like me πŸ™‚

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