WQ #8: February 22: BELOW

As above the wide expanse of the universe

So below the grand magnitude of our spirit

As within the love and grace that resides

So without we spread it to whoever we meet

Life is hidden below the layers of apparent

Dig deeper to find its meaning and richness

Sky limits our physical existence

The earth supports us from below

It’s the fire in our souls that elevates us

To the spiritual plane high above the sky

And teaches us to immerse ourselves below

And search for the purpose of life within ourselves!


Written in response to; WQ #8: February 22: BELOW/WRITER’S CHOICE/DOUBLE DIP CHALLENGES



68 thoughts on “WQ #8: February 22: BELOW

  1. Beautifully written Sadje. This poemn”BELOW” is just firing in all cylinders. I love this sentence in the first stanza “Within love and peace that reside”. You write very beautifully my friend, such great stuff🔥🔥💯

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