Search for the valuable asset

woman window electricity lightning moon planet eerie
This week’s photo is credited to Jordan_Singh on Pixabay.

It depicts a woman sitting on a bed in the dark with her back to us and a flash of electricity next to her. She faces a window where glowing planets are visible.


The commander said, “Lock this place down and I need every available unit to look for Rebecca. With her powers, it is vital that she is on our side rather than the enemy’s.

Rebecca was a gifted woman born with the ability to influence time and space. In front of her, the extraordinary seemed insipid, no matter how valiantly others try to underplay her powers. And in addition to her seismic powers, she also had a beautiful heart.

So where was she? And what were her plans? Nobody else knew that she had decided to go underground, for her powers not only put her in danger as the evil people wouldn’t stop at anything to make her do their bidding but it was also putting their world in grave danger.


In response to FFFC # 207, hosted this week by Paula.

Also included Greg’s 5 Words Weekly Challenge;

valiant | born | seismic | insipid | beautiful

And FSS # 85, hosted by Jim this week.





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