W3 # 43- Taking a dip on a summer afternoon

Kerfe’s prompt guidelines;

  • Compose a haibun that contrasts past and present;


My beloved city boasts of a canal running through its entire length in a curving line, following its contours. When days were younger and people were not that plenty, the road running parallel to the canal was often deserted in the hot summer afternoons, save people, especially children who had no air conditioning, or access to a swimming pool would like to swim in the not so clean water of the canal. They’d streak across the road, its hot surface burning their bare feet and take a running jump into the canal water. Now we have a population of around 12 million and people are more affluent, but on summer afternoons, your eyes will meet the same sight as they did 30-40 years ago!

Hot deserted roads

Squeals of children jumping

In muddy water


In response to W3 # 43, hosted by David



56 thoughts on “W3 # 43- Taking a dip on a summer afternoon

        1. It’s not unusual here. For one our central region is land locked, except for the canal and a few drying rivers and you’d know the Muslim women don’t/ shouldn’t wear a swimming costume ( at least they do but it’s a cumbersome affair)

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