The importance of “About me” page

This week Tanya has asked us these questions;


How important is the About page of your blog?

Just today, I was thinking of posing this question in my next Sunday poser!

I think the about me page serves two major purposes. One it’s an introduction to those who visit my blog. Who am I and what are my interests. The about me page also provides contact information where those who want to get in touch with me can find my email address. I’ve come across many bloggers who either don’t have an about me page or it doesn’t hold any information about the blogger.

Some people don’t want to reveal their true identity on their blogs, that’s their choice. I haven’t done that either but the gender of the blogger can help the reader in determining the tone of their interaction. Similarly, do have a moniker with which they can address each other. Names like typewriter, inkdrop, or novel reader seem too impersonal to me. But then again, these are my personal views and it’s not meant as a criticism.

What constitutes the perfect About page?

The about me page just can have basic information about the blogger, or the story of their life. I’ve come across many interesting pages which were enough to make me want to follow their blog. I feel an about me page when written with interest provoking style can attract many followers.

How often do you think an About page needs to be updated, and when is the last time you updated yours’ ?

The about me page should be reviewed periodically, and updated as needed. If your information has changed or the direction of your blog/ writing has changed significantly, you should update it to show the current picture.

I often review my about me page and would make changes if the need arises. Recently, my good friend Marsha conducted my interview and after taking a look at my blog, suggested that I should have pages about the two prompts I run. This is a very helpful suggestion. If any of you have a long running prompt, make a page about it so anyone new visiting your blog can get the information about it and how to participate in it.

Thank you Tanya for raising awareness about this important topic.

In response to Blogging Insights 3.0- # 5, hosted by Tanya



47 thoughts on “The importance of “About me” page

  1. ‘About me’ page is make or break as far as I am concerned.
    I first love to read and know who the blogger is and what the blogger wants to express.
    Having Nick name for the author is ok as long as the name does not sound like an object.
    But not revealing real or made up name is recipe for disaster and there ends my interest in that blog.
    Love your thoughts on this subject Sadje.
    Thank you.

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  2. Glorious blog post Sadje and I couldn’t agree more, the About page is detrimental in every blogger’s website because it serves this purpose of people knowing who you are and what this blog is all about!

    It is imperative to insert an About page in your blog to give it a nice layout appearance and to ensure that you use SEO , this page can even be visible on search engines such as Google💯🙏📱

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