Sharing my shopping habits

Di is our gracious host for SYW

Here are your questions for this week based on your shopping habits:

1. When food shopping, do you go with a list and stick to it, or buy on the hop?

I do have a list when I do my grocery shopping. And first off, I get all the items on that list. But if I’m hungry, I buy a few things like chocolates, hummus, pitas, cookies, etc. the good news is that since I can eat very little, these things last a long time.

2. When clothes shopping, do you prefer to shop in a store or buy mail order?

When I was in America, I did all my clothes shopping online. The returns were easy and free. They didn’t mind if I returned something because I didn’t like it or it didn’t look good on me. Here in Pakistan, things are different. So I like to go myself and see the fabric/ material of the dress I’m buying and would try it on to see how it fits too.

3. Do you like shopping for shoes?

I do but only if I really need them. I like to find shoes which are well-fitting and comfortable. Because my feet have certain quirks and not every shoe is the right fit for me.

4. Do you enjoy shopping alone or with friends/partner?

Grocery shopping, I like doing on my own. I remember when my kids were smaller, they would put lot of things in my cart and then insist that we should buy them.

When buying clothes, I like to go with my daughters or friends. They give good advice on what looks good and what doesn’t. Sometimes they stop me from overspending too.


A gift, no matter how small, can mean the world to the recipient.

Nature has gifted us beautiful clear days, spring-like weather, and balmy air these last few days.

Many thanks to Di for these interesting questions.



48 thoughts on “Sharing my shopping habits

  1. I remember when my girls were kids too, geez they double my grocery shopping budget because they’d put whatever they want…though i get to decide in the end but sometimes seeing their eyes light up, its hard to say no

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  2. Thanks for sharing your world Sadje. Did you prefer shopping for clothes in America online or home in Pakistan in person? I can understand about shoes……… my feet are quite wide plus I have ‘high’ heel bone so sometimes shoes rub there. I’ve been wearing trainers for years now, but even the make I preferred have changed their styles so I’ve had to try something different.

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    1. In US, online shopping was the best option. Here however, it’s better to go and try things on. Besides, we often buy unstitched fabric and get it stitched. So I do like to check out the fabric before buying. Comfort before style is my motto when buying shoes

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  3. It’s best to go grocery shopping with a full stomach! Also, I know exactly what you mean about finding comfortable shoes. I have a knot of arthritis that I could have surgically removed, but I like to go to a shop like Nordstrom Rack where I can try on any number of shoes without help.

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    1. I know that maxim but since I eat so little, my stomach goes empty after 2 hours……
      In America, I’d order Fitflops from Amazon. They were cheaper there due to sale and stuff so I got many shoes in different colors.

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