Weekend Q and A with Rory

Another batch of Questions from Rory for the weekend

Who do you think you might be in an alternate universe?

I’ll be me in any universe. Perhaps my hair will be blue and my skin will be golden but in my soul, I’ll be the same as I’m now.

What would be the most surreal situation you could imagine finding yourself in?

I think it would be surreal waking up to find that I am either older by a decade or younger by one. It would be surreal to experience life, by living in the future or past.

You won!!
You have five minutes for a Supermarket Dash in the FoodHall – what will you fill your trolley/shopping cart with?

Only chocolates. They don’t go bad like food, they have become quite expensive these days so a trolley full will be worth a lot of money. And I can gift them to my family and friends for who doesn’t like chocolate?

You have 60 minutes to hide 50 million in hard currency [Notes] in your house – where would you put the money/cash – to avoid detection?

I’ll put the money in the space under the cushions of my lounge sofa. It is deep enough to hide all the money and when I’ll replace the cushions on top of it, no one will notice it. Or I could bury the money under the compost pile ( if I had one) in my garden and put some worms on top of the pile. I’m sure no one would look there.

Great questions Rory. Thanks



28 thoughts on “Weekend Q and A with Rory

      1. Well in dollars 1 million is l think roughly 44 inches high assuming each bill used is $100 so fifty million l am guessing is fifty stacks at 43″ high by the width of each bill which is 3 inches wide and six inches long.

        So along your required height is 44 inches and the fifty stacks side by side would require 150 inches so 12.5 feet in length – maybe if you used under the cushions and inside the entire couch 🙂

        That might work 🙂

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