Colors of nature

Stealing and borrowing colors

From the generous palette of nature

Mixing up made up pigments

Trying to replicate the original

We can aspire, try to be like it

But the colors of nature surpass

Our best efforts ever


Written in response to dVerse poets open link



73 thoughts on “Colors of nature

  1. Each fall we spend two weeks in Cape Cod in a rental oceanside. When you look left from the deck, you can watch the sunrise. When you look right, you can see the sunset. The colors as they meld into the sky are sublime…just as you say here.

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  2. Your verse reminded me of Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (Leonardo de Vinci as we know him… Mona Lisa…) anyway – I remember watching a show that explained some of his paintings had several dozens of layers of paint just to achieve the color/shading he wanted. Very difficult to imitate nature 🙂

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