Trying to find the answer!

The prompt;

I won’t say anything… just leaving you alone with your questions and thoughts on the picture.


They all sat

To deliberate

On the big



Heads in their hands

Wrinkles on the brows

Thinking hard

Trying to find

The answer


It is perhaps

Too late to take any action

To unite the divided humanity

To fix the broken trust and connections



Don’t give up

You are the

Last hope


Written in response to; RXC #268, hosted by Reena



63 thoughts on “Trying to find the answer!

  1. I heard a quote from a mature person.

    It’s about ‘I don’t try to act and get things done, they usually come up upto me’.

    Maybe this guy was a creative music producer. (I’m not sure.)

    Finding answers can be simplified in this way.
    Like, we’re informed and behaving according to “our permanent interest”.
    These permanent interests can be “where we usually find meaning” in our lives.

    Developing dreams and wishes are not effective as much as ‘the befits of a result oriented mind’.
    Means, you need to act first then set a goal or an aim regarding this.

    Truth is today’s books make us more theoretical, confused and overvalued.

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