A date she dreaded

Today was the day, the day she had been waiting for, a date that she was looking forward to with fear and trepidation, hope and expectation.

12th of February, the date which was seared into her brain; a date that meant either fear or joy.

Her story started a few months back when she discovered a lump in her left breast, after investigation the doctors declared it to be cancerous and advised surgical removal of the lump.

She underwent the standard protocols after the surgery, and the radiotherapy too, and was given meds to take and get a follow-up after 12 months.

She healed well after the surgery and tolerated the therapy too perhaps because she was still in her thirties, now after one full year, she had her first post-op scan, the results of which were to be given to her on the 12th of March.

With both hope and dread vying for dominance in her heart she entered the doctor’s office and saw her look up with a smile on her face as she was reading her report, her relieved breath left her lungs in a big exhale, and now she could smile back too.


Written in response to; Six Sentence Story- Date, hosted by Denise



62 thoughts on “A date she dreaded

    1. Yes, many people went through that stressful time without access to medical help because of Covid. We lost two wonderful bloggers to cancer because by the time they saw a doctor it was quite advanced. It’s a scary time for both the patient and the family.

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  1. So many people – it is nice to read some get good news…
    Others wait too late and well, have different results.

    My MIL… had encountered cancer three times… but lived into her 90’s… the care and treatment is amazing these days – but a good attitude also helps in healing.

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